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Organic Sunscreen Balm

Our sunscreen is chemical free and is 100% safe for all skin type. It protects your skin 98% from uv rays with an spf 50. Thanks to all the amazing oils presents in it, its the perfect day cream.It will protect from pollution, tanning, nourishes, hydrates and heal your skin from any damaged caused. BeingContinue reading “Organic Sunscreen Balm”

Bacne Kit

Back acne is very common among Mauritians, but most people are worried about their face acne and tends to forget their back and butt! Thats why we came with the concept of making a kit only for back and butt acne. The Bacne Oil will help in treating the skin and fade the scars. ThanksContinue reading “Bacne Kit”

Hair Oil

Specially designed to bring the best to you. The hair oil is a very rich oil. it will help in decreasing hair fall and promote hair growth and volume. It will nourishes and protects your hair from roots to ends. we have 90% satisfaction from clients who used this oil. Ingredients: Castor oil(Ricinus communis), ArganContinue reading “Hair Oil”

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